Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I will...

I will not shrink from what God chooses to put in my path.
I will not retreat, surrender, or run.
I will live outside my comfort zone.
I will smash boxes and shred lies.
I will no longer accept the partial truths, but seek the absolute Truth.
I will seek to see myself as God sees me.
I will not live in fear of the darkness, because I will remember what I have seen in the Light.
I will not waste today, but live it to the fullest, not lamenting the past or fretting about the future.
I will hold nothing back, but give everything that I have for my King.
I will live for an audience of One.
I will recognize that God has created me for an irreplaceable role in His greatest adventure.
I will remember perspective. The fact that it's not just about a war being waged, it's about a Victory being Won.
And when I meet a challenge that looks too deep or too high or too wide, I will not look at it as personal failure. Instead, I will look at it as an opportunity for
Triumphant Victory.

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