Friday, September 11, 2009

A lesson from the moon...

Last night I was ordered on a date… okay, not ordered, invited, but when the invitation is issued by someone other than your date, it feels more like an order. (I should know, I have definitely issued my fair share of similar orders.)

I was tired, really tired, and wanted a date with my pillow and bed. But, persistence prevailed and I went outside for my moonlit date (the other party insisted that God told them it had to be moonlight.)

I walked out into the backyard and looked at the sky. Nothing. No stars. No moon. Just clouds. I was really confused by this time, why would I be invited on a moonlit date by the Creator of the moon if He knew that the moon wasn’t even out? Didn’t make any sense at all…

Well I talked to Him for a few minutes and then went inside and crawled into bed.

As I was laying there, it hit me…

God: Alaina, did you see the moon?

Me: No, it was behind the clouds.

God: Does that mean that it wasn’t there?

Me: No, it was still there.

God: Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean that it isn’t right there. What could you see?

Me: The light. I could see what was around me, because of the light.

God: Just because the moon was behind clouds, did it stop reflecting the sun?

Me: No.

God: Alaina, when you haven’t been able to see me. When you weren’t sure that I was there. When I was behind the clouds, did that make Me any less there?

Me: No.

God: In the situations that were hard and painful and scary that “covered” me up so that you couldn’t see how I could possibly be in the situation, was I still there?

Me: Yes… you were.

God: Alaina, when the darkness tries to hide the Light, and when the fear tries to push out the love, and when the situations don’t look like they could possibly be good… am I any less in them, then I am in the Light?

Me: No.

God: Alaina, am I big enough to shine my light through the situations that are immersed in the darkness?

Me: Yes.

God: Just like the moon still reflected the sun when it was covered, My plan never stops reflecting my love. I am in all of them. Not one single situation is ever out of my hands.

Never underestimate the power of your God. Never underestimate the power of His love. Never underestimate how far His light can reach.

Never, never, NEVER give in to the darkness!!!

"Now, God be praised, that to believing souls gives light in darkness, comfort in despair."

~ William Shakespeare

Non Nobis Domine!

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