Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 in Pictures

January... designed and knit a caplet for Loops knitting contest... won too.

February... start of Advanced Excel and first speeches...

March... 8" of snow and a medical research paper...

April... khaki cargo skirts and adorable little girls... must be Pre-Excel

May... self-protrait for AE photography scavenger hunt

June... Advanced Excel 17 graduation...

July... Nebraska, Wyoming, and South Dakota... best family vacation EVER!

August... happiness is time with my Rachel...
September... start job number 2... nanny to a three-year-old and newborn

October... a fall wedding in VA, and a day in DC with some of my favorite people on the planet

November... time to take family pictures again!

December... God decided that I could have my swanky camera for Christmas <3
You know something?
Life is pretty good... it's hard... it's challenging... but it's good.
I've seen God's fingerprints all over this year.
I know that He is writing my story, and that it is perfect.
And so, each day, each moment, all of the little tiny details that make up life, are to be remembered and treasured.
Because this, this what makes life worth living.
And all of it is perfect.
Because He is perfect.
Non Nobis Domine.


  1. Oh, Alaina, such a fun-filled year! I am so grateful for being able to see you once this year. :) It is so exciting to see God's fingerprints on our life isn't it?

  2. That is so cool showing your year in pictures! Thanks for sharing about your life! :)